"The Fedz' for the BUGs!"

Pest Control Services in Glendale, CA

Proudly Serving Los Angeles County!

Federal Bug Investigators Termite & Pest Control Services is a premier company in Glendale, CA that offers professional termite control, rodent control, and organic pest control services in Glendale, CA and the greater Los Angeles area!

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The Fedz for the BUGs’!

We want to get rid of the pests or bugs that are bothering you! At Federal Bug Investigators Termite & Pest Control, we are dedicated to resolving your problem quickly and effectively. We’re experts in our field and each one of our exterminators goes through training to ensure they know just how to handle any pest situation you might be in. We offer our pest control services to businesses and homes in Glendale, CA and the greater Los Angeles area. We look forward to working with you! Let us do the difficult work so that you can relax and enjoy an insect-free space!

Services that we provide: General Pest Control, Regular Pest Control Maintenance, Termite Services, Fumigations, Alternative to Fumigations, Organic Services, Rodent Control, Bird Pest Control, Termite Repairs, Insect Exclusions, Rodent Exclusion, Bee Control, Bed Bug Control, Mosquito Control, Fly Control, Ant Control, Flea Control, German roach control and more services.

Bugs we eliminate/control: Ants, Termites, bed Bugs, Spiders, Pest birds, fleas, ticks, rats, mice, earwigs, pantry pest, carpet pest, beetles, silverfish, crickets, german roaches, american roach, oriental roach, and more.

Sites that we service: Federal Bug Investigators treats any structure made for the convenience of man: Residences, Apartments, Commercial Buildings, Trains, Automobiles, Airplanes etc.

Whether you’re dealing with a few bugs in your kitchen or an infestation in throughout your office, let one of our trained exterminators determine the best course of treatment. After we analyze the situation we will use our professional tools and expertise to get rid of the bugs and leave you feeling safe and comfortable.

Pest Control Services; We offer month to month contracts that can be cancelled at any time with a 30 day typed notice. We also off regular pest control maintenance services at a variety of frequencies: Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly.

TEXT or CALL: (760) 677-1862 or (818) 293-7378 for service today!