"The Fedz' for the BUGs!"


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Federal Bug Investigators Termite & Pest Control Services is a premier company in Glendale, CA that offers professional termite control, rodent control, and organic pest control services in Glendale, CA and the greater Los Angeles area!

Federal Bug Investigators offers a wide variety of services and we have many more services that will be coming soon. We always inspect first before we treat. We like to identify the insect first before we treat its apart of our IPM strategy that allows us to eliminate pest with little to no pesticides. Plus each pest requires it’s own elimination strategy. We also have Organic “Botanical” insecticides and other Low-impact insecticides available if they are needed. We have People, pets, and the environment in mind when we apply chemical treatments and we insure pets and children are safe before and after our treatments.

Interior Treatments: Our interior treatments require that all people and pets be out for only 2 hours or until treated areas have dried and major cleaning is not required. A swept floor is highly appreciated. All types of food should be covered and put away. Exterior Treatments: Our exterior treatments require little to no preparation. Children and pets can return to the outside when the treated areas have dried, usually within 1.5 hours.

We offer Regular maintenance services, General Pest Control Services, Termite Services, Fumigations, Alternatives to Fumigations, Organic Services, Termite repair services, Termite Prevention Services, Insect exclusion services, rodent control service, rodent exclusion services, Insect Identification services, Bed Bug Services, German Roach elimination service, Bird Pest Exclusion, Pest Sanitation services and agriculture services coming soon.

Rodent Control Services: Federal Bug Investigators is most excellent at eliminating large rats, and mice from homes, buildings, motor homes, and any other structure made for the convenience of Man. Rats and mice are sometimes cute, however their populations must be removed because they cause a health hazard for people, pets, especially children. Rats can destroy stored food, and cause house fires with their excessive knowing and have been know to bite children while they are asleep and or worse.

We have a wide variety of strategies and tools to get rid of rats, each situation calls for a different strategy, that is why We start with an Inspection first where we use all our senses to track, hone in and delete any and all rogue rodents. In some case we are able to eliminate rats and mice without using rodenticides/pesticides. Our inspectors are highly trained and continually educate themselves on the pest biology and habits of the rodents they are sometimes called to eliminate. Our termination process is very humane and in most cases, little to no pain is felt by either side.

Rodent Inspection: There is nothing to do in order to prepare for a Rodent Inspection. If anything please leave the rodent crime scene as is and if necessary save of a sample of whatever it is that you are seeing for us to see. Please use protective clothing: Long sleeve shirt, rubber gloves, goggles, respirator and full foot wear, as collecting rodent evidence is serious due to all the health risks’ involved. We can collect evidence for you, simply give us a call at: (760) 677-1862 or (818) 293-7378.

Our Free Rodent Inspections are as is: 1.) First we interview any and all occupants that have experienced the rodents 2.) From there we inspect the exterior of the structure, then the interior. Rodent inspections usually take about 30 minutes or so, it varies depending on the size of the structure. We look for evidence of rats: smell, damage, local harborages, rub marks, dirt marks, nests, food left overs, etc. 3.) We create a diagram of your home or structure on a 5mm grid paper as we are inspecting, we look for rodent entry points or points where the rodents are entering the home or structure and we document everything on that diagram. A large rat only needs a hole 1 inch in diameter to get in. A mouse can get inside using a hole the size of a dime or half inch. In the end we will give you the diagram so that you can go and see the areas for yourself. We also provide photo evidence of what we are seeing, video footage is available for $95.00. We do include recommendations for repair and we add a price tag, just in case, You want us to do the work. Our repair work effectively closes the door that the rodents have been using to get inside your home and they will ensure that your structure will not be infested again in the future. The Quality of our repairs is Guaranteed for 1 year.

4.) After thoroughly inspecting the exterior, we inspect the interior for clues as to where they have been and where they might be. Once the rodents are located we can use a long list of non-toxic and toxic substances and strategies to eliminate them such as: glue boards, traps, snap traps, bait stations, tracking powders, exclusion repairs, etc. 5.) Finally we take all our discoveries and facts into consideration and we devise a plan/strategy to eliminate the rodents. Soon after that your rodent issues will be gone. Our rodent service usually eliminates rats within 2-5 weeks. In some cases the rodents are gone immediately. Severe infestations can take longer amounts of time, it just depends on the circumstances, every situation is different.

Regular/Monthly Services: We also offer regular services on a wide variety of frequencies to prevent rodents from infesting your home or property such as: One Time, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly. Our service agreements are month to month and can be cancelled at anytime with a typed 30 day notice or pay a $65.00 cancellation fee. We do not lock people into long term agreements unless you need us too. =)